Asset Inspection

  • Rail Track Inspections
  • Drone Applications
Railway asset inspection is a fundamental part of railway operation and regular maintenance and inspections are necessary to keep the transportation network moving. Plateway has extensive experience in providing inspection services and has developed systems and procedures to monitor asset condition and inform renewal and maintenance planning. Extensive record tracking plays an integral role in effective asset management and lowers the risk profile of the asset. Plateway is able to supply an asset inspection and management programme to suit each client’s needs.

Rail Track Inspections

Plateway possesses various equipment to ensure the inspections are conducted in an effective and diligent manner. Our ABTUS trolley is capable of recording such data as Gauge, Cross Level, Twists and Versines, data is then uploaded to an in-house designed software tool which will analyse the values and present any exceedances that require attention.

Drone Applications

Plateway are capable of conducting the inspections with an alternative method. A remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) can be utilised which removes the requirement of additional human resources and safety training. Combination of aerial imagery and Global Navigation Satellite Systems provides a great advantage to the inspections. Not only an RPA is capable of handling confined, difficult to reach areas, but it is also capable of staying away from dangerous area by utlising a zoom camera.