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SimWalk by Savannah Simulations AG is used to simulate pedestrian behaviours in stations and other transport facilities

The SimWalk software simulates pedestrian behaviours in stations and other transport facilities and takes train arrival information inputs from OpenTrack software (LINK) for both timetabled and unplanned simulation outcomes. The SimWalk software can be used to provide a comprehensive passenger flow analysis for railway, metro or bus stations. Simwalk allows the evaluation of transfer and dwell times, boarding and alighting dynamics, as well as platform analysis to aid in implementing informed and efficient transport planning decisions.

SimWalk serves as a useful tool to solve the challenges faced in transport applications including:
  • Strategic infrastructure planning
  • Slot management and capacity allocation (timetable construction)
  • Design and planning of service concepts
  • Capacity evaluation and feasibility testing of transport connection structures such as lifts, stairs, escalators etc
  • The efficiency of proposed evacuation procedures in emergency scenarios
  • The analysis of performance figures and control mechanisms

Advantages of SimWalk to your organisation

SimWalk can be used to verify and analyse potential passenger scenarios. The benefits of using SimWalk network scenarios include:
  • The consideration of the combined effect of all known variables and uncertainties
  • Early detection of problems and conflicts before major decisions are implemented
  • Reduction of design errors in the preliminary stages
  • Reduction in project length

Numerical results can be directly exported to a variety of formats such as Excel, as well as numerous graphical forms such as tables, bar charts and videos which can be used as an efficient means of communicating results to clients and management.

The SimWalk program creates a model of the terminal infrastructure based on an imported floor plan. Passenger types and other variables are defined and simulation of scenarios are then undertaken. Visualisation of passenger scenarios is facilitated through the use of 2D and 3D analysis tools.

Additional information can be found on the SimWalk website: www.simwalk.com

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