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TRENO by the Railway and Traffic Laboratory srl (LIFT srl) with both analysis and export components is used for the exploration of actual train running information and as a tool to provide that data to an OpenTrack model

TRENOAnalysis allows a user to demonstrate, measure and visualize the sources and the effects of delays to rail traffic. It helps plan and define the requirements for infrastructure improvements or simply the input parameters to be used in traffic simulations. Based on a robust, powerful and reliable database TRENOAnalysis explores real and simulated railway traffic data, automatically pointing out critical points and estimating reliability indicators, representing them using a wide range of diagrams and statistics at different aggregation levels.

TRENOExport dramatically simplifies preparation of micro-simulation models thanks to smart algorithms, an intuitive interface, and a powerful database. Micro-simulation is the most accurate method for reproducing railway operations. It supports engineers and operators in a series of tasks, from long-range to short-term planning. However, preparing models is a complex and time-consuming task which increases costs and limits the applicability of micro-simulation on large networks. With TRENOExport, simulating large networks with OpenTrack is simple and the probability of errors is minimized. Once the infrastructure model is created with TRENOExport you can automatically define all datasets and parameters to be used in the simulation with OpenTrack.

Additional information can be found on the TRENO website:

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