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Plateway is the Australasian distributor of several innovative software solutions for railway operation and system design.
Developed in Switzerland, Germany and Italy each of these tools are proven applications in supporting world’s best practice transport planning techniques.

We resell, train and support these products globally with an emphasis on the Oceanian, South East Asian, Indian and Southern African regions. Select a heading for more detail.
Viriato by SMA und Partner AG is a network based timetabling and strategic service planning tool
OpenTrack by OpenTrack Railway Technology Ltd is a detailed network simulator designed to support investment decisions, timetable stability checks and engineering design processes
OpenPowerNet by Institut für Bahntechnik GmbH (IFB) is a micro-simulator designed as an add-on to OpenTrack to inform both design and analysis of power supply systems for electrified railways
SimWalk by Savannah Simulations AG is used to simulate pedestrian behaviours in stations and other transport facilities
Plateway has developed the Complete Line Infrastructure Program (CLIP) to enable the rapid building of large OpenTrack railway infrastructure models.

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